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Self Kindness

Hello everyone and hope you are well, I realize it has been a while since I have posted here. The past year has been full with completing my manuscript which meant all my writing time was devoted to that. I … Continue reading

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A simple exercise for developing one of your superpowers

As you may have noticed I spend a lot of time talking about this thing called awareness. I really believe that developing your awareness, even in the most subtle and small ways, is an essential tool for anything you want … Continue reading

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Podcast: Our relationship to the unconscious

This new podcast explores the nature of the unconscious, how it influences our life and ways to shift our relationship to it. Developing our awareness and learning to interact with our unconscious is a game changer. Click HERE to listen or … Continue reading

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New Podcast series!

Hey there radiant human beings! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a podcast series and am really excited about it! It feels like an amazing format for sharing Sound Body Wisdom and connecting in a new … Continue reading

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All Parts Included (Revisited)

Hello all and hope you are well! Today I wanted to look at the art and challenge of self-acceptance; the practice of accepting ourselves with all of our unique foibles, idiosyncrasies and less than shiny bits. (No ifs, ands or … Continue reading

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Meeting Life on New Terms

Sound Body Wisdom I’ve been reflecting on how each of us has our unique struggles and the different ways we meet them.  Each day there can be any amount of joy and challenge.  But typically, it’s the challenges that can … Continue reading

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Lowering the water line of the unconscious

This practice really is about developing your awareness. Your entire life can change from this one activity. Not that it’s an easy activity but it really is a primary one that involves authentic care, kindness and curiosity. The definition of … Continue reading

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