Older revisited

This is an older reflection I became curious about again:

‘if you don’t see G-d in everything, you don’t see

G-d at all’

yeah, I don’t agree with this

I believe G-d is in everything/everything is

G-d….no separation

all is one and connected……everything within

everything else

if I am able to SEE G-d in even a handful of my

day…………….what a blessing

what a blessing

i believe we do the best we can

small small…the veils part

the walls come down

the eyes of the heart liberate us to see G-D,

infinite love, in every

moment and every person

little by little

(haba na haba hujaza kibaba…little by little fills


measure……Swahili saying)

so i might write on a tea bag:

‘what a gift to have even a glimpse of the G-d that

is present in all

things in this evolving world of our heart’s vision’

i don’t know….something crazy like that

to say anything less than this feels like an unkind act.

how can we say that if someone is unable to see G-d


that they are not seeing G-d at all.

this is a path of limitation….i feel like it

becomes our own trap

to think in this way

i want to be more affirming at this point in my


what I and others am able to see.and

feel……….and know it grows


give praise ………………surrender the perspectives in

black or white,



a couple years ago I really made strides in my truth to

embrace AND/BOTH

(not either/or)

this was a big leap for me and I am still leaping

with that intention

in my arms every day


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