It sounds crazy

I had someone close to me read posts on this site and say, ‘…to be honest, it sounds crazy’.  And she meant it in the more true definition of the word… fact she didn’t even know how to say anything to me about it.  She didn’t want to sound ‘negative’ but when she was honest she felt it was all pretty ‘crazy’……and the truth is I appreciated her thoughts/reflections so much.  It speaks to the nature of what I try to reflect upon here with all these words words words.  The nature of each of us seeing things from many different perspectives based on our conditioning, the models we as a society have put in place and the make-up of our brains.  All of this seems pretty straightforward enough…….but I continue to dive in and say that I believe we also have some ‘choice’ in it if we slow down and simply notice our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  If we interrupt them, put a ‘pause’ in there and give ourselves a moment to question… not be ‘attached’ simply because……. that is the ‘norm’ or is comfortable or or or ……(so many possibilities ‘why’.)

I understand that to some people this can sound ‘crazy’ because it is saying why not try to look at things from a completely different framework than the one you have been using.  And I imagine there are many reasons why someone would think that it is not only pointless, but not possible…..and if it isn’t ‘possible’ than it would probably sound like ‘crazy making’.  Especially around the nature of ‘Love’ and loving oneself and others equally. (even though this principal has been around for as long as humans have pondered and written scripture, poetry and wisdom text)  Is it because it has been around so long and sorta been manipulated to ‘mean’ what people want it to mean?  Have we ever truly touched its essence as a society?  Does it just become words that we interpret within our our comfort zone (which our fears help design)?

I don’t know…..and I don’t have any judgement about it.  Whatever the ‘reasons’….we do what we do and ‘become’ what we become.  But I do feel that ‘crazy’ can be anything…and it is a matter of perception, both individual and deeply connected to groups/society.   (What if we all decided that debt, the banking system in its dysfunctional sense, social hierarchies, using chemicals on our food that makes us sick …….were ‘crazy’?)

And so we live within a world/society where the ways in which we live….the foundations……seem to rarely be questioned.  The methods for how we see ourselves and others, the system of merit and critique, are simply in place and have been for as long as we can remember.  So, with great respect for all that have come before me and all who will come after……..I question it all.  Not to negate it or judge it, but to come into more wisdom within myself and connected to this diverse world.  I might continue to choose the foundations I have learned and established and I might need to do some demolition or re-modelling……it takes time and my commitment to gently witnessing.  From there I simply notice what brings me closer to a kindness (unconditioned love) in myself…for myself, for others and for this great unfolding called life.

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