I recently spent substantial time with 6 month old twins (the children of dear friends). Being with them in abundance and so closely I was reminded so profoundly of the wide eyed wonder we are at that age. I was able to see these eyes and minds shaping to every little stimulus of touch, visual, sound and intention. Yes….intention. By this I mean the energy behind the actions. Everything is picked up by them…..and there really is no room for what we call subtlety. It all has an affect.

And I think we too often forget the profound affects we have on one another and ourselves in these more subtle realms. We have come to integrate so many underlying themes of degrading language and content as ‘acceptable’. Or we allow our unattended ‘parts’ to drive the car and kick mud up along our paths. We think ‘oh, it’s just a little mud’. We don’t even notice anymore the impact these have on our growing young and then continually on us as adults.

Is it the end of the world?
Will we live through it?
Most of us

And so we don’t seem to bother taking a closer look at the nature of our conditioned thoughts and how that leaks into our language and actions in these subtle ways. We simply accept that criticism, judgement and constant evaluation of ‘success’ and ‘better than’ is the path of being human. But I still ask ‘why not’?

Why not try something different……or is it we believe that the experience of suffering and struggle simply is part of being human?

I don’t know……but I am curious.

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