it’s not about cloud floating

Even in a space of loving myself every moment of the day…….I still have personality.  (My humanity is part of my divinity.)  I am not trying to get rid of my personality, opinions and quirks……I am simply trying to shift the ways in which I have learned to be judgemental of them.  I am understanding how to respect and appreciate them even while noticing the time has come for some to grow.

Unconditioned love grants space to let go of ‘judgement’ of self and other… can have opinions and walk in the world as human,  yet let go of our need to elevate or minimize ourselves or others.  To let go of a need to be right or wrong.  It is a balanced space of simply ‘being’ and noticing all the feelings and thoughts along the way.

During the course of the day I try to notice where things get sticky for me and where I feel attached. I try to feel when the waves inside me are calm and when they are turbulent. I cannot always shift these feelings in the moment but simply noticing them and being curious, I come to learn so much about habits and conditioned patterns that aren’t always helpful or healthy. It is not always comfortable because I don’t often let myself get too distracted from what I am feeling. (I always seem to be there observing in some way.) Some days I have more energy and other days it is all I can do to breathe. But all along the way I don’t ever slip back into anything less than love and kindness for myself….even when I am frustrated and confused. Eventually if I follow the thread, it untangles.

And it is this base I have (re)built of unconditioned Love that supports all of this.

It starts with a little practice and it grows from there.
It’s never as far away as you think.

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