simple exercise

Make a list of all the ‘titles’ you identify with.  For example: mother, daughter, employee, caretaker, friend, lover, teacher etc.

Then also list all the adjectives or descriptives you identify with: friendly, adventurous, smart, talented, stupid (include all sides of the coin), insensitive, funny, abrupt, intense, charismatic, musical, boring, talk to much, prompt, unreliable, stingy, generous etc etc.   You could make a very long list if you take the time.  Now right down anything else you feel like describes ‘you’ or identifies you.

Okay, look at the piece of paper with what I imagine has many words on it if you really sat with all the different arenas of your life and let it flow.  Now, one by one just let them go.  Yes, let go of every ‘title’, identifier or role that you either play willingly or is put upon you.  Just let it go.  See if you can get to a place of spaciousness where these aspects/qualities, and all that is attached to them, fade to the distance.

Now notice how you feel.  Notice if some were a little stickier than others for letting go. Notice which felt easier to let go of.  Notice which ones make you feel ‘better’ and which make you feel ‘lesser’.  Notice which ones help you feel ‘safe’.  Etc etc.  Just notice.

Then slowly and with attention let them each come back.  (They are never far away). Again, notice what you notice.

Practice this every week or couple weeks and see if you can not automatically identify with all of this.  See if you can strengthen the muscle of observation.  By observing and listing them, letting them go and inviting them back……all the while noticing the feelings and thoughts that are connected to it all……you develop a practice and skill of awareness and choice.  You interrupt the standard auto pilot and begin a practice of awareness and empowerment.  You also, over time, learn that not all of them need/want to ‘come back’ anymore.  Some might be ready to ‘retire’ if you give them a little break from being actively engaged.

Play with this and see what you notice….get curious and ask yourself questions……..oh, and have fun.  Why not?


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