It seems when I speak to people about ‘meditation’ that quite often it is thought of as something that looks a certain way.  These conversations are are both with those who are wanting a meditation practice and with experienced meditators.  It is interesting to witness how we sometimes put things in boxes or come to define them…..and how sometimes that definition can limit the inherent ‘magic’.

So I find myself curious about how we come to perceive and relate to meditation.  When I break it down in essence for myself …..meditation is a tool for cultivating awareness through the vehicle of ‘me’. (I realize I use many quotation marks and this is because I feel that many words and terms are quite subjective and at times illusory).

There are so many ways to dance and create within this umbrella called ‘meditation’ and in its essence….you cannot do it ‘wrong’…….and for that matter you cannot do it ‘right’.  It is a personal relationship and one that I find evolves and shifts along with me.  It is an ally, friend, support and like most things…… sometimes I feel the blessing of it and at other times the challenge.  Also, one person cannot be a ‘better’ meditator than another person.  We need to let go of creating the hierarchy through comparison and greater than /lesser than models.  If needed, give meditation a new name…….perhaps call it ‘Mystery’, ‘This’ or even ‘Fred’.  My point is that it matters not what we call it.  And if the name sets up a limitation through preconceived notions…….then ditch the name.

And we can come to know/develop a meditation practice through so many paths and possibilities…….the ‘way’ does not matter so much.  What matters is that we nurture our relationship to it…….that we actually ‘practice’ with it.  For me, this means showing up each day and meeting it wherever I am in mind, body and heart.  When we show up to meet it regularly (even for 5 minutes) ……that is the practice.  It does not matter if your mind was quiet or busy…….all that matters is that you take the time to notice and not get attached.  This means not being attached to the thoughts or the stillness……but simply being present in each moment whether there is a caravan of thought or silence.  Meditation is ‘choosing’ to show up and simply notice without attachment.  When we do this even briefly day to day………we notice that ‘meditation’ finds its way into other moments and threads of our days.  And ‘it’ does this without effort…….

This simple deepening of awareness can offer so much to our experience of self, others, life and spirit.  And it is unique for each one of us………a well of blessing.


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