Vessels of light

In this life you have maybe minutes
it moves swiftly between our measured quantities

This being human

           the joys the sorrows
           the anticipation the revelry
           the buoyant the petty
           the magic the solitude
           the blessing the challenge

Can you embrace them all….. as a river running through
In the finite of your breathing…..can you find the cracks of light

seek them out

everything concurrently a vessel of light
we merge

every person
creation of nature
illumination and darkness
exploring the balance

lose the words
stray into these shadows of light

untangle mind
           grow the heart
this is ours
this journey
           this breath

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5 Responses to Vessels of light

  1. Jack Brewis says:

    Jacqueline, this took me to wonderful places
    as I listened
    to my own voice reading your work aloud.
    And then I felt a little scared. This is a special
    and loaded with specialness.

  2. Debi Buzil says:

    I would love to hear this set to a rhythm or some music. So beautiful, lyrical, true. . . .

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