For me, the essence of ‘enlightenment’ is not something that is outside of me.  It is within me and I simply need to remember.  A simple statement but complicated at times to connect with.   I hear people talk about enlightenment as if it is a carrot dangling before them……desired and yet unobtainable.  I wonder how it can be ‘unobtainable’ when there it is as an in dwelling presence.  The practice at hand (and heart) is to find our particular map for remembering.  It is something each of us can connect with if we are inspired and yet it is not a requirement of living.  Each of us is unfolding in whatever way we are ‘becoming’…….there is no hierarchy to me.

So……here we are living and breathing.  My question for myself is how can I interrupt the thoughts of ‘greater than/lesser than’ and simply be in the space of infinite love? The space where every breath I take is a blessing…..every breath is a blessing.  What gets in my way of that truth?  What limits me?  What constricts me?  When my entire life becomes an awareness practice I come to witness the answers to these questions.  I can observe, pause and choose.  This simple formula feels like it radically changed my life.  It brought such ‘freedom’.

I have had many people say that such a practice sounds exhausting to them.  I understand that perspective.  And yet, I find it life giving.  It was ‘work’ at first but now it is like eating or sleeping, quite natural. It is a state of being that I cultivated and nurture each day.


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