“The mind should be kept in the heart as long as it has not reached the highest end. This is wisdom and liberation. Everything else is only words.” Maitri Upanishad 6:24

I personally don’t subscribe to the hierarchical language of ‘highest’ in reference to the mind……..but this does touch on how I feel about the balance and union of heart and mind. I know some people come to think of the mind as a ‘problem’ or almost adversarial and I understand how they might arrive at this perspective.

My feeling is that the mind is part of this brilliant entity called ‘me’. My responsibility is to come to know the workings of my mind with compassion as well as come to know the workings of my heart with compassion. Then I have the journey of bringing them together in balance. This connection is essential to me. And yes, it does take ‘work’………but like anything we do……we practice and grow in it. And with time it is less effort and more enjoying of the new possibilities and freedom.


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