We are all poets

We are all ‘poets’, ‘artists’, ‘mystics’……whatever name we may call our being……..it is simply our own perceptions that limit the possibilities.  I believe we can constantly create and recreate so many aspects of ourselves and the concepts of titles/identifiers.  I get to choose what ‘poet, artist, mystic’ etc mean to me……and that expansion of choice blooms through my curiosity and awareness……..my awareness about preconceived ideas, definitions and attachment to the way things should look.

This applies to all titles and concepts…..success, right, wrong, smart….you name it.  All can be looked at with awareness and curiosity….gentle curiosity.  And simply notice what you notice……notice if there are any limitations being imposed that aren’t truly of ‘service’.

I believe each of us are teachers in some unique way.  I do not believe there are the select group of individuals that alone should be revered and held up higher.  I can appreciate, be inspired by and honor the work and lives of many (the Dalai Lama,  Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King …and so many more)…….and at the same time know that we are all equal.  The unique blessing each of us offers the world always looks different.  Some people’s offerings become more noticeable by their nature (they have a more obvious physical manifestation) ……and perhaps because we have created a ‘standard’ for the blessings that are offered (almost a scale of merit)……we elevate some over others.  This is easy to do…..it is the way of being human so to speak.  To elevate some over others.  But how can I truly make one person’s blessing be elevated over another?  Why would I do that….what does it serve?

I understand we have general social mores we come to accept and agree upon. And I understand the ‘need’ for these and how they can inform this system of evaluation/merit.  But who are we if we don’t also question them?

When do the mores serve us as a whole and when do they serve only certain parts?  Who decides?  Does it simply get too tiring to question so much and at a certain point you just want to accept certain fundamentals?….even if they allow for a slippery slope of injustice or subjugation?

All of these words began with a declaration that we are all poets.  Such a simple statement to notice where I might get stuck or want to find reasons it is not true.  The thread begins with being gently curious and questioning these very simple things.  We can start simple and follow the thread to see how it informs more of our foundations for thought.  These threads of thought and idea mediate so much of how we act, feel and relate to ourselves, one another and our sense of ‘spirit’.

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