start small

Just one little thread. That’s all. Notice one small thread and just tug at it and see where it goes.

That is my love of metaphor speaking to the fabric of each of us. We are such an elaborate ‘weave’. So why not today…..or even right now…….take a few minutes. Let yourself think of a basic opinion you hold……nothing too emotionally ‘charged’. Once you think of it….simply get curious and perhaps start with the question ‘why?’. Let go of any passing of judgement or commentary/criticism. Just notice the thread of the opinion and follow it. See where the thread goes in the weave and perhaps what other threads or opinions it might be connected to. Is it integral to the integrity of the overall garment? Does it get lost in the intricacies of threadwork? When you get distracted just go back to the thread again and do this for a few minutes…..use your imagination as much as you need as that too is part of this weave(you).

That’s it…….just let it go. There doesn’t ‘need’ to be some grand revelation or insight. It is a practice of attention and focus……questioning and choosing. It feels like as a society we like having bigger pay outs for doing something……more reward. Try doing this for the satisfaction of small growth that might at first be imperceptible. If you can start with simple threads where there isn’t a lot of attached complexity you can learn this practice less encumbered. You can have more space to enjoy it and notice all you notice for the brief time you engage it. Over time you will find your own technique and ‘way’ with these more simple threads…..and you will have developed the muscle or skill for the more complex aspects of this ‘weave’ of you. Like any practice, the more you play with it the easier it becomes. Eventually the ‘effort’ becomes less, and almost like breathing, many threads will simply reveal themselves.

Okay……..what is your simple ‘thread’ this morning? I am going to follow my thread/opinion that I am a ‘good’ driver. Hmmm….ha ha……why not……


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