what else is there….

When sitting with this being human and all the dynamics of it everything seems to come back to this wide open Field of Love.  The infinite and expansive Love.


My intention is to not minimize individual experiences of struggle or challenge by suggesting that connecting to this Field of Love will make it ‘all better’. And simultaneously I know that dwelling in this Field of Love does change things in ways that give us more resource for being in those times of challenge.

I also know that when individuals are living in that Field they are less inclined to want to harm, diminish or make lesser any other individual(s).  When each of us is able to connect and live our moments from this field of Love, the dynamics of how we connect with ourselves and one another shifts.

I often think of new born babies and when they enter this world from the womb….I don’t imagine they were thinking: ‘well that was all wrong’, ‘who put that stupid light on’, ‘her hair looks terrible’ etc etc….you get the idea? They were in the moment and that moment was experiential (of the experience).  They are not in need of creating things as ‘lesser than/greater than’.  They might have preferences of what feels good or not so good but they live it in the experience of the moment.

And so we are blessed with our personalities and opinions….shaped since birth.  But why does that become a system of inner and outer criticism, perfectionism, abuse and merit scales of individual value??  Is it possible that every single breath I take is a blessing?  That I can fall in love with myself with every breath?  That my existence is valid simply for that breath.

Imagine for a moment to believe these questions/statements…….what if the truth was that your existence, validity and merit was perfected simply in every breath you take?That we have this vast Field of Love within us?  And you can allow your personality and individual uniqueness to guide your pursuit of new skills and knowledge…….but the base from which we all stand is one of equal merit, innate perfection and truly unconditional Love.

(notice any buttons pushed or attachments to any of these ideas or words)


Well, I believe this thoroughly.  Why not?  Why not believe this….it is just as viable as the flip-side.  It is as equally possible as the status quo of how we view, perceive and treat ourselves and others.  And when I dwell in this belief system I feel I have infinite more resource and joy.

People ask if this means I never fall short or say an unkind word…….to the contrary, I absolutely still fall short.  The difference now is that I notice when I do and instead of beating myself up or feeling bad……I simply bring more love to myself.  More love to whatever part of me felt like it needed to be unkind or to make someone else small through thought, word or deed.  Because it feels like it was an absence of Love that started the whole chain of events in the first place.

The more I dwell in this Field of Love…….the greater my experience of balance, joy and resource with myself, others and the world/spirit. We have tried the other way of doing things….why not give Love some space to flourish within us and see what is possible?  Why not invest in uncovering the map to where we have buried this within ourselves through our conditioning and belief systems? Why not at least be curious?


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  1. Lark says:

    i am definitely curious! thank you!

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