Love > Fear ~ part4

The next thing I would encourage you to do……is Love and embrace every part of yourself that shows up throughout each day.  This is not always easy as we have been conditioned to be unkind and unloving in so many ways.  But notice the places you want to grow or feel you ‘fall short’ and instead of being hard on yourself….see what happens if you meet it with unconditioned love.  Actually take a moment to pause and breathe when you notice those less than loving thoughts and feelings.  Then perhaps you can imagine someone or thing that you are able to Love without conditions (and I understand this might be deeply challenging for some of us…..).  Now take that clearer ability to Love expansively outside of you……. and focus it toward you.  You almost need to catch it quickly and without hesitation because it will soon be overrun with contrary thoughts.  Keep doing this, almost like a fun game.  Notice what you notice during these fleeting moments of unhindered Love.  (Physical, emotional and thought sensations).  As you continue to play this ‘game’ it sometimes happens that the amount of time you can experience the unconditioned Love within you increases….little by little.  Find out what it means for you to nurture this.  How can you expand this in the uniqueness of you? It is different for everybody and we each are on our own journey to discover it.  But we need to leap to find out this personal formula.  We need to leap to and from a refreshing space that is unconditioned…even if it is at first fleeting.  When we actively engage ‘love’ there is an entire system of events that happens both physiologically and psychologically. Why not experiment and see what happens?  What do you have to lose?

Thanks for reading……and for questioning…..jacq

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1 Response to Love > Fear ~ part4

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like a perfect world. But would be awful hard on most of us.

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