Hazrat Inyat Khan

“The human voice is a barometer for the human soul.  Its transparency reveals the soul’s every condition.  Joy, sorrow, anger and pain-each has its own voice that comes through, despite the most skillful deception.  Conversely, the sufi path teaches that by affecting  our voice, we can affect our soul, instilling in it the qualities we desire.”

There is so much to explore here in both ‘spiritual’ and scientific realms.  So much research around the nature of sound and how it affects our body and mind.  It seems endless what we are discovering and at the same time we know that there is always even more beyond what we ‘know’ and can measure.  In the spiritual realms it seems like we leap into the mystery a bit more (even though there is certainly method within practices) and allow the sound, pattern, rhythm, intention and vibration of our voices through prayer, chant and song….we allow ourselves to experience it.  We are in the current of it whether we logically understand it or not.  In speaking about this I find I can write so much about both research and personal experience and at the same time there are elements that are ineffable.

Such is this human life in many ways…..there is so much we cannot truly express in words but we keep trying.  This is where I look to balance my thinking mind and expansive heart.  My mind does an amazing job of ‘figuring things out’ and communicating through language……making sense of things.  And my heart dwells in the experience, the intuitive….the space beyond words connected to the boundlessness of all life and existence.


So…the voice.  Is it simply a vehicle for our words??  Well, for me it is an expression of the soul and a potent link to my way of connecting body and spirit to all that exists.  The breath manifest into sound……and when combined with intention (the focused energy of mind and heart)………it feels like infinite potential.

And even if that seems a bit too ambiguous and ‘out there’ to bite into…….perhaps we can at least find that there are so many ways to explore the sound and breath that moves through us…… and the voice as a vehicle beyond the limitations of what we have come to accept.  This body, this breath…this voice……..they are our greatest laboratories to dive into our knowing, connections and expansive being.  Are you curious?

I am ………





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