We are the Source

I believe in this work…in this practice, because I know without question that each of us has vast resources within us. That we are more empowered and brilliant than perhaps we currently can sense.
Every day this compels me.

It is true that outside circumstances can obscure or disconnect us from it
but we can always reconnect.


And so this life is a dance of discovery. To find what draws you closer or pulls you away from your source of power and brilliance. Because there is so much moving in our unconscious that creates barriers or limitations that it really is a treasure hunt. It is up to each of us to catch glimpses, pursue wisdom and practice that which draws us closer. Closer to simply loving oneself without conditions.

The practice will look different for each and every one of us. (As much as we have a certain design in common we are all shaped by life so uniquely.) And so we must trust. Trust that we have this vast resource within us to manifest and direct the changes we seek. And when trust wavers we leap into the mystery. We leap simply with a desire to move beyond limitations or perhaps just begin to notice what limitations are even there.

Whatever you seek, there is a path for you to discover. Beyond spiritual, beyond scientific…it really is the map of you.
And each of us investing in knowing ourselves…loving ourselves….is a gift to everyone. Yes, it takes effort to unwind, relearn and create our tools to grow… but if you have continued reading this post…why not take the leap?

Whatever you want to change, develop or understand within yourself or your life…there are so many tools for doing it.  Sound Body Wisdom is about making those tools accessible and adapting them to what works most effectively for you.



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