It has been a time of taking pictures lately.  And it is amazing with digital cameras how we take a picture and most often immediately look at it.  And it is also amazing how often people comment on their image disparagingly.

Why wouldn’t we see an image of ourselves and simply feel appreciation or gratitude for this representation of us.  If you are going to say anything…..why wouldn’t it be, “I am radiant” or “How beautiful”.  If we could remove the system of comparison, criticism and judging based on concepts of beauty or ‘perfection’…….would we be able to see ourselves (and others) for how we truly are…….perfect and beautiful?  How might the world feel if we could live consistently in this place of non-comparison/judgement and then simply choose to engage these when we need them for discernment?  Can you even for a moment imagine a life or world like that?       (take a moment to breathe into that) ……… A world where yourself and everyone else begins from a place of seeing the true ‘perfection’ in everyone. Perhaps try…….because if you can feel that for even a moment……then it is possible to create it for extended moments…..and then it keeps growing exponentially.  (It just takes a little effort at first and then it becomes the new ‘habit’.) And instead of it sounding ‘crazy’, overly idealistic or ‘new age-y’….it becomes the new ‘normal’.

Why not try that on for a while…………..

Try this……look through photos of yourself and notice the thoughts and even the feelings in your body when you see each of them.  Notice which ones you ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’ and why.  Simply notice.  And then look at each of them and see if you can bring new eyes…..step out of the lens of criticism or comparison that has been at play since you were a young person.  Can you look at each and every picture and feel the same love, appreciation and joy for what you see?  No ‘if’ or ‘but’……..just loving acceptance.

Why not cultivate this and have it as a possibility (you can certainly return to consistent criticism if you want.)  This shift can offer such a respite from all the energy we use seeing what is ‘wrong’.  And the truth is that we don’t need to be constantly picking things apart in our lives.  (We can remember which moments truly call for discernment andconstructive criticism.)

Why not learn this now……and then we pass it on to the next generation and so it ripples out.  We never really know how much the choices we make, that seem so innocuous, can affect so much and so many.

Thanks for reading……..



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