New Podcast series!

Hey there radiant human beings!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a podcast series and am really excited about it!

It feels like an amazing format for sharing Sound Body Wisdom and connecting in a new way with all of you. The series will explore the nature of mind~body and using our own inherent superpowers to shift anything in our lives that doesn’t nourish us or might impose any form of internal limitation. This can create changes in our own lives on every level but also in the world around us.

We are filled with such brilliance and power…why not tap into it as much as possible? Truly, we are always adapting day to day to this practice of living!

Click HERE to find the podcast on iTunes

As always, you can contact me through my Website with any questions or comments. And feel free to let me know any topics you might like to hear about on the podcast.

Thanks for reading and for listening!
Much love and light.


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