compassion, like love, have in some ways become simply words. we know their meaning and yet there is a distance from the deep inner realm of them. For me, the words are just reminders….they cannot express the breadth of these realms….that is for me to explore and to not get caught or simply end my exploration at the shape of the word/the surface. for me… all the same….there is no separation.
we have layers and layers of life, society, conditioning and restricted thinking (linked to fear at its core) that have shaped our relationship to love/compassion/g-d and have disconnected us from the depth or even desire to explore. how do each of us come to know the uniqueness of these expansive spaces within us? how do we come to know the qualities of our own conditioning? and can this ‘knowing’ offer a deepening?

****truly, all this typing is just words. i type, the word (in this limited form of communication) and when someone reads them they have their own unique experience of ‘interpretation’. no two people will have the same experience. so it is fascinating to try to use all these words to try to explore something beyond words. and love/compassion/g-d is truly beyond words. it is a ‘felt sense’……a link to our infinite intuitive body/wisdom.****

each of us is truly our own ‘wisdom text’. what would it take to ‘believe’ this? what would it take to access this? do we want to access it?
love/compassion/g-d…..they are part of this wisdom…..boundless within the expansiveness of each of us.


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