Power of the Placebo

Is it possible that our most potent ‘medicine’ dwells within?

We are learning exponentially the infinite potential of our own mind. In the past 20 years we have doubled our knowledge of the brain as well as doing a complete reversal in accepting as fact that our brains can change (plasticity)!!

Along with this, studies looking into what is known as the placebo effect (a treatment that has actually been around since the early 1800s) are demonstrating the capacity of the mind to create changes in the body. (‘Mind’ in this context includes all mechanisms such as thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions etc).
Scientists have been able to document that the placebo effect triggers specific biochemical changes in the body. They have also seen that the placebo will have no physiological effect if the patient knows it is actually just a placebo (sugar pill etc). Basically, the brain/body seems to be able to transform hopeful thoughts/emotions/ beliefs into tangible and essential biochemical changes towards health.

For me, the placebo effect shows that there is no real separation between body and mind. They work in reciprocity and inseparably. And that essentially, the placebo (the physical pill) is not really ‘necessary’ since it is ultimately the mind guiding the healing/rebalancing through focused thoughts and beliefs.
The placebo is simply a tangible object that we have come to use as an assist. It has become a tool in a time where we tend to reach for things outside of us and not within us. Perhaps a product of our conditioning that believes we are less capable, empowered and interconnected than we truly are.

Your brain/body complex is infinite in potential even when it comes to the influence of the simplest thoughts or emotions throughout your day. I find this incredibly inspiring and at times, beyond comprehension. But every day I experiment with the cascade of neural firings that are my current design. Through awareness, guidance, care and inquiry I see how to shift the role of tangible/intangible….and broaden all possibilities.
How do you engage or guide your own thoughts and feelings? How can you more actively connect to this intangible potential within?


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