Kazuo Ohno

He was one of 2 ‘founders’ of a Japanese style of dance called Butoh.  This form and the teachers I have had the honor to study with have taught me about authenticity.  It is about more than performance and ‘dance’ to me….it is about life.  It is a way of actually looking at how I feel and respond to things through the uniqueness of my thoughts and expression…..beyond the conditioned or learned ways of all that I encounter (a flower, social situations, emotions etc).  It asks me to clear the slate of the these layers and notice what I notice in the moment……to let myself be authentically in the moment and let it flow through me.  We dance this every day in all we do……..

“If you wish to dance a flower, you can mime it and it will be everyone’s flower, banal and uninteresting;  but if you place the beauty of that flower and the emotions which are evoked by it into your dead body, then the flower you create will be true and unique, and the audience will be moved.:

Kazuo Ohno


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