It all comes back to the core of what I believe: Cultivating Self Love

I was out the other evening with some lovely humans and a conversation began about how certain populations of people become ‘invisible’ or irrelevant in our society. As we discussed the layers, frustrations and roots of these issues it brought me back (as usual) to the core of my beliefs and all that feeds my teachings/offerings in this world.
Everything follows a thread back to how we feel in our own body, mind & spirit. If we feel small, disempowered or irrelevant in our lives in any way it becomes seamless to perpetuate this in the ways it plays out in society.

But imagine a world where each of us feels powerful (empowered), seen and filled with unconditioned love and respect for oneself. I believe that this ‘evolution’ is on the table for us as a species. It is absolutely possible. I have witnessed & experienced this. We have the potential to evolve away from feeling disempowered, self deprecating or small. And when we are able to dwell in our own being with a balance of love and empowerment, the world around us (our lives) transforms. The ripple effect is profound. When we no longer feel small and insignificant it truly becomes impossible to treat others in this way.

It takes practice to unwind and dismantle these ways we have learned and shift the patterns that are in place. With awareness and intention we can change/shift factors we assumed were mandatory for being human. Ways we have simply accepted. We don’t have to pay forward the imbalanced elements we have learned about our ‘significance’, ‘worth’, judgement and love .

I have no question how revolutionary and evolutionary these changes and choices are/can be. And whether or not we choose individually to shift this conditioning within us is not to be judged. I don’t believe in attachment to an idea of ”better’ when it comes to how we each choose to live.
So I speak this truth. My truth. I offer what I have learned, seen and felt. I am humbled to be in ally-ship with others to follow their curiosity and make changes if they choose.

Everything for me comes back to……’can you truly fall in love with yourself without conditions?’…..And then be loving & curious with the response you hear/feel.
Never doubt the significance of each breath and every thought in the magnificent being that is YOU (and me).

Truly, love releases us from our attachment to control life…..elevate or minimize self or others. Unconditioned love balances the inner fields and supports how we can meet the external world.
This being human is complicated and yet so simple. Each of us has our own unique journey in discovering what this means for ourselves.


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