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Lowering the water line of the unconscious

This practice really is about developing your awareness. Your entire life can change from this one activity. Not that it’s an easy activity but it really is a primary one that involves authentic care, kindness and curiosity. The definition of … Continue reading

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Awareness is key

The most fundamental tool I know for making shifts in our lives is to deepen our personal awareness. Our unconscious is an efficient and vast network that is often times calling the shots on how we feel, react and think. … Continue reading

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We are the Source

I believe in this work…in this practice, because I know without question that each of us has vast resources within us. That we are more empowered and brilliant than perhaps we currently can sense. Every day this compels me. It … Continue reading

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Where it gets sticky

Learning to love without conditions invites you to explore your connection to self, the world around you and the people in it. For myself, the exploration began with a simple question: ‘What gets in my way’? I had already discovered … Continue reading

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The Practice

I have recently found myself simply saying ‘The Practice’ more often because practice is what underlies our life. It is interesting because in the realm of the Self there are so many influences and layers. We are influenced by where … Continue reading

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It all comes back to the core of what I believe: Cultivating Self Love

I was out the other evening with some lovely humans and a conversation began about how certain populations of people become ‘invisible’ or irrelevant in our society. As we discussed the layers, frustrations and roots of these issues it brought me … Continue reading

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Tuning our Somatic Awareness

Somatic awareness is another way of saying ‘felt awareness’. It is something we each cultivate personally and it is not found outside of us. When we broaden our Somatic awareness, our inherent wisdom of our body, energy and even life … Continue reading

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